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There's a Storm Coming...

2011-12-24 20:49:41 by Blade9000

I can feel it.
She brings me heartache as well as every other girl i talk to.
I can feel all these emotions stirring up within me...


I'm going to make it big..

Stay Tuned for 2012


2010-05-26 19:01:01 by Blade9000

So alright alright.

Here today.
Made a song. Probably wont be here tomorrow. or anytime soon.
But im here today...

So... enjoy it.

Yes, Im in RankinG!!!

2009-12-14 22:05:23 by Blade9000

So I checked a couple of my old songs, and they actually have a rank now
FUCK YEAH! ((><))
So, I plan on keeping up with new styles and hopefully once i get my new laptop.
Maybe next year.
I will redo ALL my songs and start composing some real good quality stuff
Unlike the crap, i mean, music i have posted already.

I'll Post another Post when that is about to happen.


... so i finished recording Eternal Wrath over deathkllr84's Eternal Wrath... it sounds awesomely insane ass fuck!!!....... so i sent it too him to mix it better, and he puts in back up vocals as well.... its better than sex and sandwiches.

go check it out. yes mine is good, but with all his mixing and adding of vocals, it sounds god-ly

i would fuck him if i had the chance... no homo


This new one

2008-09-08 19:16:46 by Blade9000

so here I am... new to newgrounds... as a member. i always came here before...
im just gonna tell you im a musician, not a producer, so everything i post WILL sound shitty, but it really doesnt SOUND shitty haha
I love beer. i play guitar/bass/ and a little bit of keyboards (with the cock) and i do vocals.
listen to my newer shit (it wont have drums)
i dont know how to use drum programs, so if anyone knows how, I'll send my shit to you =)

love it, hate it. i could care less

music is life